Mission & Vision

We are committed to developing a community of learners who are academically proficient, demonstrate strong character and exhibit self-confidence.

Students at the Charles S. Ashley School will perform at grade level proficiency or above in reading, writing, and mathematics every year. Students will be prepared for success in middle school without remediation. Students will be educated in a safe, respectful, and academically challenging environment by highly qualified teachers who expect critical thinking and problem solving to be an integral part of the learning environment.

Charles S. Ashley School believes that:

Student safety is of the highest priority
All CSA students can be academically successful –
Confidence + Stamina = Academic success
All students have a right to an appropriate and demanding academic curriculum presented by highly qualified teachers and supporting staff
Students are at the center of decisions made at our school

All Ashley students will be:

Able to perform at proficient or above on standardized test instruments and assessments
Able to read critically across a variety of genres
Able to write for a variety of purposes across the curriculum
Able to defend their thinking in writing and in oral discourse
Able to creatively solve problems across the content areas, assess solutions, and be willing to try again
Able to perform basic and advanced math skills, think through solutions to math problems, and write/explain their thinking with words and numbers
Able to assess their own progress as learners against the state learning standards