Who is Charles S. Ashley

Charles S. Ashley School is named after a man of outstanding character; for this reason, we base our student expectations for academics and citizenship on the moral code of Mayor Ashley. Mayor Ashley said, “I have given to the city of New Bedford the best that was in me.” The staff and students at Ashley School are committed togiving the best that is in us to every challenge that confronts us. Whether we are reading a book, playing a game, taking the MCAS test, or facing a moral decision, we must each make the choice to give our BEST to every 
situation we face.

Academic success is the result of several factors: school attendance, positive school attitude, class participation, inpidual effort, parental involvement, and test performance. We believe that all students are capable of being successful students. Students are successful when they give their absolute best effort to every task they face. When we are not successful, we have not tried hard enough!

One of the most important lessons the home and school should teach is discipline. While it does not appear as a subject on a report card, it underlies the entire educational structure of our school. Discipline is not punishment; it is an expectation that children will monitor their behavior, exert self-control, put forth their best effort, respect the rights and efforts of others, and accept responsibility for their choices. It is discipline that develops self-control,

character, orderliness, efficiency, and responsibility. It is the key to good conduct and proper consideration for other people. All New Bedford Public School rules and guidelines will be followed at the Ashley School.

Every year on September 17th, we celebrate Constitution Day by reading and signing our school constitution which reads:

As members of the Ashley School Community,
we are responsible for our own actions!
We respect learning and the right to learn;
We respect all people, we respect all property;
We walk safely, we talk quietly;
We never touch to hurt another person;
We always keep our school a safe and clean place;
So that we can learn and succeed.

We look forward to welcoming you as part of the Ashley School Family; together we can do great things for our children.